Professionalism in the Law - 2018 "Ethics Complaints and Fee Arbitrations"

Instructor: Daniel Q. Harrington, Esq.; HoeChin Kim, Esq.; Daniel McCormack, Esq., John Palm, Esq., Barry W. Rosenberg, Esq., Melissa Urban, Esq.
Location: Cumberland County Courthouse, Gloucester County Justice Complex, Salem County Courthouse
PACLE: 2.0
NJCLE: 2.4
CPE: 2.0
Time: 2:00 PM
Date: October 18, 2018

This is our 2018 installment of our annual Professionalism in the Law program.

Two separate panels each consisting of three attorneys will deliver this year's presentation. 

The first panel consists of members of the District IV Ethics Committee.  John Palm, Esq., the Secretary of this committee, will head up this panel's discussion.  Joining him will be Daniel Q. Harrington, Esq., a volunteer attorney member of the committee, and HoeChin Kim, Esq., a staff attorney from the Office of Attorney Ethics.  This panel will concentrate on the ethics issues aspects of this afternoon's seminar.

The second panel is comprised of three members of the District IV Fee Arbitration Committee.  This panel will be lead by Daniel McCormack, Esq.,the Secretary of this committee.  Accompanying Mr. McCormack will be Barry W. Rosenberg, Esq., a volunteer attorney member of this committee, and Melissa Urban, Esq., a staff member from the Office of Attorney Ethics.  They will address the fee arbitration process.